Media Blasting

Experience pays! If you’re on the fence on who to turn to for the first step in your project… remember that it’s not just about removing paint, body filler and rust because, really, anyone can do that. Through your selection process of who to use and blasting methods to go with, if cost is the ONLY consideration then you might be in for a big surprise. There are pros and cons to the blasting process and an experienced blasting company will know of what to be aware. With over 20 years in business we know what it takes to do the job right. We take pride in our work and we enjoy working with people that appreciate quality work. Of course no one wants to spend more money than necessary for anything. You’ve heard of the phrase “experience pays” …so what does that mean for your project?

In 2013 our business was featured in the Street Rodder magazine

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The Science of Media Blasting

There are 3 key factors we address when completing work for our customers:

1. Approach

We carefully decide which substrate, media type, correct blasting pressure, distance and angle to use, and what to protect from the blast.

2. Surface Preparation

Careful attention to detail leaves a uniform finish with a complete removal of paint/rust/body filler.

3. Clean Out

We locate excess trapped media and clean it out, this is a HUGE step that most companies don’t bother with.