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We do it all! Whether it's fenders to frames or hinges to hoods we've got you covered. Media blasting is a fast, economical and sensible approach for removal of paint and rust. We use different types of media that will be best suited for the job. These media's range from coarse, medium, to soft. All used on different areas of a vehicle to balance both speed and safety for the item being stripped.



Sandblasting has been a very effective way of removing paint and rust from a surface. However, when the wrong media is used it can also cause heavy pitting and/or warping (metal distortion). We use mild abrasives and correct psi for damage free blasting of thinner substrates. Items like frames , wheels, suspension parts, bumpers, etc. can be safely blasted at a higher psi.

Slag Fines 60-80 grit

Used for fast removal of paint and heavy rust on thicker gauge steel while leaving surface finish acceptable for paint or powder coating. Slag fines can also be used on sheet metal at a lower psi when warping is not a concern for areas such as floors, trunk areas or engine bays.

Slag Fines
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Crushed Glass 80-120 grit

Crushed glass is a very fine almost powder like material which lightly etches the surface allowing for excellent adhesion of topcoats without warping the metal. Crushed glass is used on exterior sheet metal for paint and light surface rust removal.

Crushed Glass
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