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We do it all! Whether it's fenders to frames or hinges to hoods we've got you covered. Media blasting is a fast, economical and sensible approach for removal of paint and rust. We use different types of media that will be best suited for the job. These media's range from coarse, medium, to soft. All used on different areas of a vehicle to balance both speed and safety for the item being stripped.

Q & A

Q: What causes warping?

A: There are two things that cause panels to warp when media blasting. First, the friction of the blast can build excessive heat and warp the metal. Secondly, probably the biggest reason, coarse abrasives propelled at high p.s.i. bite into the thin metal and cause it to expand making the metal distort. Long flat surfaces are certainly more at risk of being warped than those areas that are curved or contoured.
The following are five tips that can greatly reduce the chances of warping. Low Pressure, sharp angle, continuos movement, proper distance from substrate and the most important is correct media type.

Q: What is the clean up process after media blasting?

A: The media blasting process can leave media in every part of the car. We know how important it is to remove all of the leftover media, however there will be those areas that are very difficult to clean out. 95% of the media will be removed.

Q: What type of surface finish will be left?

A: We specialize in classic automotive stripping and know the importance of using the correct media to strip the paint and rust. We use nothing that will jeopardize the integrity of the substrate. We understand that the overall finish of the paint is greatly determined by the surface you’ve started with.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: The amount of time spent to strip your restoration determines the overall cost. To save time, the selection of media needs to be determined for use on various sections of the car , for example, we will use the slag fines (instead of plastic) on a floor or a frame for faster and cleaner removal of the paint, rust or undercoating. On the other hand when safety is more important than speed the plastic media is used. Different techniques are also used for best results when balancing speed and safety. These techniques would include correct pressure, distance, angle and movement of the blast. We are constantly evaluating the best media to use for each substrate to allow for the fastest and safest way to remove coatings of paint and rust.

Q: What is the turnaround time?

A: Small items such as a fenders, doors, or wheels are usually a two day turnaround. To do a complete vehicle an appointment should be made a week in advance to coordinate the blast booth. Two to three days are necessary to strip a complete car.

Q: What type of primer should I use?

A: Self-etching primer or epoxy primer is necessary for best adhesion.