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We do it all! Whether it's fenders to frames or hinges to hoods we've got you covered. Media blasting is a fast, economical and sensible approach for removal of paint and rust. We use different types of media that will be best suited for the job. These media's range from coarse, medium, to soft. All used on different areas of a vehicle to balance both speed and safety for the item being stripped.

Plastic Media Blasting

Plastic media blasting (PMB) is a relatively new stripping process to remove paint from a variety of surfaces such as metal, fiberglass, and aluminum without damage to the substrate.

PMB uses plastic granules to cut shear and lift paint from a surface. The plastic being harder than paint but softer than the base material allows for a clean unmarred surface. PMB leaves the original phosphate coating of the metal and will prevent the metal from flash rusting if in contact with moisture. PMB will not warp thin metals because it does not bite into the substrate causing the metal to stretch and distort.

 Plastic Media